How much auto insurance do i need?

How much auto insurance do I need?

When we start talking about how much auto insurance you need to cover yourself on Denver, CO roads, we are typically talking about budget, lifestyle needs, and preference. Most states, including Colorado, require you to carry some form of insurance with a minimum coverage of bodily injury and property damage liability.

So, how much insurance do you need? Anderson Atwood Consulting is here to answer that question for you. Read on to find out.

First things first

If you have health insurance or life & disability coverage through your employer, then you don’t need to worry about personal injury protection that helps pay medical bills if you or your passengers are injured in an accident where you were at fault. You should be adequately covered with health insurance.

Focus on liability coverage

Did we mention that you can be sued for causing an accident? Well, there is a wide range of things that can get you into trouble, including those beyond your control. Therefore, you have to think about carrying enough liability to help provide coverage in case you are sued.

Consider carrying enough uninsured and underinsured coverage.

Despite being a legal requirement, we still have unconcerned drivers in Denver, CO driving cars without insurance, or carrying very little protection. So, think about a situation where you are involved in an accident, and the other party is not adequately covered. To make things worse, they are at fault. What do you do? Force them to pay? That is where your coverage will save the day.

Comprehensive and collision are similarly significant.

Your car, whether parked or on the road, is at risk of getting knocked, stolen, or vandalized. To give you complete peace of mind, you may need to consider buying enough collision and comprehensive coverage.

Not sure about how much car insurance to buy? Talk to us at Anderson Atwood Consulting, and we will guide you through the process. Contact us today!

Do I Need to Insure My Inventory?

Anderson Atwood Consulting’s agents have the knowledge and expertise to assist business owners in the Denver, CO area find the right commercial policy for their needs. If a company has any type of inventory, it needs to be protected, just like other assets. There are many different types of inventory. Retail stores have products for sale that must be inventoried. They also have store fixtures and other assets that must be inventoried. Keeping both types of assets adequately insured is essential.

Different Types of Loss

While shoplifting is not covered under many insurance policies, loss due to burglary, fire, water, and storm damage are. Shoplifting retail merchandise is a crime, and its loss can be devastating. This type of loss can be prevented to an extent if specific steps are taken to secure the items and make it harder to move them away from the store. Fire, water, and storm damage are much harder to prevent.

Protecting Your Company’s Bottom Line

There are several ways to protect your company’s bottom line. Installing surveillance cameras and anti-theft tags are just two ways you can keep your merchandise secure. When it comes to protecting other types of inventory, proper maintenance, and keeping an accurate record of every piece of equipment are also good ideas.

In Denver, CO, the agents at Anderson Atwood Consulting can provide you with sound advice on how to keep your inventory secure and protect all of your company’s assets. Visit the office as soon as possible and discuss your options with one of their reputable agents. You will have the peace of mind you need and the security you want. Don’t wait to call! Do it today!

How to Structure Your Home Insurance in Denver

Your home insurance policy can look very different from your next-door neighbor’s, even though you’re located in roughly the same spot, exposed to roughly the same risks, and likely paid a similar price for the home. If you live in Denver, CO, it all comes down to the way that you structure your policy. Anderson Atwood Consulting is here to provide you with a few tips to understand more about the layout of your policy. 

Extras and Additions 

If you don’t own your home outright, you’re likely required by your lender to have some type of home insurance. However, most lenders are concerned that you get basic coverage for the property. If you want your possessions to be covered from damage or theft, including your electronics and jewelry, you’ll need to ensure that your policy is structured to give you that protection.

Also, you’ll need to consider the events that are listed on the policy. If your basement is flooded, does your home insurance cover it? What about if there’s a tornado? These questions may not be easily answered if you’re trying to page your way through a novel-length policy. 

A More Stable Structure 

The more stable your home insurance, the more stable your home will be. And while you don’t necessarily need to buy every form of protection in Denver, CO, you should at least know what you’re giving up before you sign on the dotted line. 

Anderson Atwood Consulting is here to help you give your policy a refresh, or we can also help you start from scratch if you’re buying your first-ever home. Whatever you’re looking for, contact us today to talk more about what the right policy should look like for your property.