Do I Need to Insure My Inventory?

Anderson Atwood Consulting’s agents have the knowledge and expertise to assist business owners in the Denver, CO area find the right commercial policy for their needs. If a company has any type of inventory, it needs to be protected, just like other assets. There are many different types of inventory. Retail stores have products for sale that must be inventoried. They also have store fixtures and other assets that must be inventoried. Keeping both types of assets adequately insured is essential.

Different Types of Loss

While shoplifting is not covered under many insurance policies, loss due to burglary, fire, water, and storm damage are. Shoplifting retail merchandise is a crime, and its loss can be devastating. This type of loss can be prevented to an extent if specific steps are taken to secure the items and make it harder to move them away from the store. Fire, water, and storm damage are much harder to prevent.

Protecting Your Company’s Bottom Line

There are several ways to protect your company’s bottom line. Installing surveillance cameras and anti-theft tags are just two ways you can keep your merchandise secure. When it comes to protecting other types of inventory, proper maintenance, and keeping an accurate record of every piece of equipment are also good ideas.

In Denver, CO, the agents at Anderson Atwood Consulting can provide you with sound advice on how to keep your inventory secure and protect all of your company’s assets. Visit the office as soon as possible and discuss your options with one of their reputable agents. You will have the peace of mind you need and the security you want. Don’t wait to call! Do it today!