Classic Car Insurance

If you have a classic car, don't overlook the need to obtain insurance for it. Drivers all over Colorado know to get their insurance from Anderson Atwood Consulting. A classic car is a significant investment and it is one you will want to protect. In general, a car is considered a classic if it's a model 10 years old or older, and if it has been restored. In comparison, an antique car is a model that is at least 25 years old, whether it has been restored or not. To be classified as an antique or classic car in Colorado, it has to be one that is not driven on a regular basis. However, you are still required by law to take out an insurance policy on it, no matter how much you drive it in a given year.

Overview Of Classic Car Insurance

Even a classic car has to have liability insurance in the state of Colorado. You may not be driving it every day, but even if you were to only drive it in a parade or other public event, liability insurance is still a must. This means it is important to know what qualifies as a classic car. Aside from antiques, muscle cars, hot rods, and sports cars are also considered to be classics.

These aren't the only ones that fall under the category of classics. Antique tractors, military vehicles, vintage motorcycles, and even commercial vehicles that have been retired qualify as classic cars in Colorado. If you have any one of these types of cars, it needs to be properly insured no matter what you do with it.

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