Home Insurance

Home insurance is also commonly called homeowners insurance. It covers you with financial protection for your home and your personal belongings. If your home is financed, your lender will require you to have home insurance in Colorado until you pay it off to protect his asset. After it is paid off, it's a good idea to continue securing home insurance, as you never know when an accident may happen.

What Things Does Home Insurance Cover?

A home insurance policy from Anderson Atwood Consulting covers your dwelling or your home as well as other structures on your property such as garages, storage sheds, and fences. Home insurance also covers your personal property and it also contains a liability clause.

A homeowner's policy most often covers any damages by weather, such as lightning, fire, hail damages and wind damages. Your home and attached items, such as a garage or deck are covered as well as the other structures that are not attached like a detached garage, tool shed or fence.

The personal protection portion of a homeowner's policy in Colorado will cover theft of your personal items in your home as well as vandalism and fire damages. You can purchase extended protection for special items that are very valuable, such as paintings, artwork or jewelry.

Your liability section of a home insurance policy will pay to other persons that are hurt on your property to cover their injuries, loss of work and medical bills. It will also cover your legal fees if the party takes you to court. Someone can get hurt on your property and have serious injuries that are very expensive to treat and have long-term consequences. In a case such as this, you may be sued if you don't have the policy to pay for their medical bills and this can be very devastating.

At Anderson Atwood Consulting, we understand that you want to be covered for any type of accident or incident that occurs. We can help you to decide the exact amount of coverage that you need to give you peace of mind. You can give us a call or come by the office in Colorado for information on all your home insurance needs.

While our main office is located in Northglenn, CO, we service clients all over Colorado & are expanding rapidly to serve in multiple states.