Commercial Insurance

Business startups need all the protection they can get to grow and flourish. By purchasing commercial insurance for your budding enterprise, you can safeguard your company against theft, fire, vandalism or other mishaps that can cut into your profits. Here’s how commercial insurance coverage from Anderson Atwood Consulting can protect your business.

Loss of Property

When you run a business, there’s always a risk of damage to your building or loss of business property. Your business could be broken into and business equipment stolen or your building damaged by fire or natural disaster. Commercial property coverage protects your building, business equipment and inventory against theft and other perils that can cause financial loss.

Liability Claims and Lawsuits

The more foot traffic your business has, the greater the risk of someone having an accident. Even a minor accident could result in a lawsuit if your company is found at fault. Liability insurance protects you against accidental injuries customers may have on your business site and lawsuits that may arise from unforeseen accidents.

Business Interruption

Colorado has its fair share of natural disasters to include wildfire, tornadoes, and blizzards. If a major disaster forces your business to shut down for repairs, you could lose a substantial amount of revenue. Business interruption coverage compensates you for loss of revenue, payroll, taxes, loan payments, lease or rent of business property and other business expenses until your company can reopen. This coverage can be instrumental in getting your business back on its feet after a disaster.


If your Colorado business has one or more employees, you’re required to have worker’s comp insurance by law. Worker’s comp pays for medical expenses and lost wages of workers who are injured on the job. By protecting your employees with worker’s comp, you reduce your risk of being sued for injuries on the job.

To purchase commercial insurance to protect your budding enterprise, contact us at Anderson Atwood Consulting in Colorado.

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