Health Insurance

At Anderson Atwood Consulting, our agents specialize in providing health insurance that is reliable as well as helpful. We serve customers living in Colorado communities. Our goal is to make a complex subject easier for our customers to understand. If you come to our office with questions about health insurance, we make sure that our agents can explain it to you in terms you can understand. We take the confusion out of the equation.

Do You Have the Right Health Insurance Coverage?

Many people have health insurance policies in place that provide types of coverage they don't really need. Some have policies that are outdated or simply not efficient enough to provide the amount of coverage they require in terms of prescriptions and wellness care. This is where our agents are so helpful. Each agent is able to evaluate your existing policy to determine if your needs are truly being met.

What Circumstances Are Eligible for Changing Your Policy?

There are several life-changing events that will allow you to change your policy by adding new coverage or adding/removing people from your policy. These events include the birth of a child, the death of a spouse, marriage, divorce, or leaving the employer who provided you with the policy.

Talk to an Agent Who Specializes in Health Insurance

When you are in the market for a new health insurance policy, call Anderson Atwood Consulting and talk to one of our agents. If you live in the Colorado area, stop in our office or simply pick up the phone. An agent is always available during normal business hours to assist our customers who want to have their existing health insurance policies evaluated or changed. We can also assist you in purchasing a new policy that will best meet you and your family's needs.

While our main office is located in Northglenn, CO, we service clients all over Colorado & are expanding rapidly to serve in multiple states.