Life Insurance

Life insurance can protect you and your family. If you should pass away, your life insurance provides for those who depend on you for their financial well-being. The agents at Anderson Atwood Consulting in Colorado can help you learn about the different types of life insurance that benefit you.

Two Main Types of Life Insurance

In Colorado, you can invest in two kinds of life insurance, as follows:

Term life policies are effective for a specified period. Depending on how you set up your policy, that could be anywhere from one to 20 years. If you die before the end of the coverage period, your beneficiaries receive the amount you're covered for.

Cash Value Insurance includes an accumulated cash value and a death benefit. In the beginning, your premium may be higher, but you can gain interest on a portion of your payment. Once you no longer need life insurance, you can cash in your policy.

Universal Life Insurance in Colorado

Universal life insurance protects your loved ones from financial hardship in the event of your early demise. With this flexible plan, you can increase or decrease your coverage.

Term Life Insurance in Colorado

You can use this policy to provide for your spouse and children, especially if you have a young family.

Cash Value Insurance Types

Whole life insurance lasts throughout your life. In contrast, universal life insurance is more flexible. It conveniently lets you skip premium payments and adjust your death benefit. When you buy variable life insurance, you receive a death benefit that fluctuates with the current value of the assets in the policy. For example, if the rate of return increases, your death benefit goes up. With variable universal life insurance, you get a combination of universal life and variable life insurance.

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