Other Insurance

If you're considering different types of policies in Colorado, you may be interested in how you can get even more benefits than those offered through standard plans. The term other insurance refers to coverage like employee benefits and supplemental insurance. If you live in Colorado, you owe it to yourself to explore as many options as possible so that you're prepared for whatever happens in the future.

Policies offered through well-known supplemental insurance companies like Aflac can provide you with the means to pay for incidental bills. For example, let's say you break your leg while playing softball. Your employee benefits offer short-term medical leave at which you're paid at a certain percentage of your salary. However, that percentage isn't enough to cover all of your expenses, and you find yourself falling short on everything from your grocery bills to your car insurance payment. But instead of letting your credit card debt begin to build up, you can use other insurance to give you a leg up. Supplemental insurance is there to give you enough money to pay for it all, so you don't fall in the red.

If you have questions about other insurance in Colorado, Anderson Atwood Consulting may be able to help. We're here to give the facts on how these policies work, both during the time of sign up and when you make use of the plan. If an emergency happens to you, it's easy to make split-second decisions that can end up costing you more in the long run. You may have access to benefits that you never even know about until long after you've recovered. Don't let this happen to you by calling Anderson Atwood Consulting today. We're here to find out the facts, so we can steer you toward a policy that fits both your budget and your needs.

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