Renters Insurance

Do you rent where you live? Here in Colorado, it is always a good idea for tenants to ensure they’re protected by having renter’s insurance coverage. Here’s what you need to know:

What is Renter’s Insurance Coverage?

One of the first questions we usually receive from customers about renter’s insurance is what it covers and what it does. Essentially, this type of property policy helps replace your personal belongings if you experience a covered loss, such as a fire or theft. Think of everything you own--from your television to your toothbrush--and how much it would cost to have to pay for those items yourself. In some cases, renter's insurance can also help you find a temporary place to live while your home is being repaired and might keep you from being sued if a visiting guest is injured while at your residence.

Am I Required to Carry Renter’s Insurance?

Unlike car insurance, you are not legally required to purchase renter’s insurance. However, your landlord or apartment complex might have a different requirement. In fact, having renter’s insurance coverage could be a condition of your lease. At any rate, having renter’s insurance is still a good way to protect your family from the unknown. And, as a side benefit, it could possibly save you additional money through multi-line discounts on your auto insurance.

How Do I Purchase Renter’s Insurance?

Buying renter’s insurance is easy and quite similar to purchasing auto insurance. First, you schedule an appointment with one of our team members here at Anderson Atwood Consulting. We then sit down with you and discuss where you live, your lifestyle, and how much coverage you need. Then we’ll go over the policy contract with you and finalize any necessary details. It’s really that simple!

Learn more about renter’s insurance coverage today. Please contact our team at Anderson Atwood Consulting to schedule a no-obligation coverage review appointment. We proudly serve the Colorado area.

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